Welcome to Archipelago!

Welcome to Archipelago!

Dear guests, we welcome you to Archipelago!

You will find us in Vathi, a dreamy bay in the southwest of Sifnos,
where your daily reality
stops at its parking lot and the magic of your holiday begins.

No cars are allowed in Vathi, so visitors can peacefully enjoy
the sea, the beach, the tavernas, take carefree strolls and relish in the beautiful sunset view.

Archipelago is situated at a 10-minute walking distance from the parking lot
passing through the sandy beach and just 30 meters from the sea.

Archipelago is a small and refined accommodation complex, built on a privileged spot,
as all of its areas have an unobstructed panoramic view of this natural cove,
at an ideal distance from the sea.

A place where you will not simply spend your holiday,
you will actually live it!